Learning Sliver C2 (02) - Beacons and Sessions

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This post is about how to use Sliver implants (C2 agents) to remote-control target computers from a Sliver C2 server. I'll showcase both the session mode, which establishes an interactive session with immediate command execution and feedback, and the beacon mode, which makes the implant connect back and fetch jobs in regular intervals. To make following along easy, some instructions on lab setup are included.
Sliver C2 This post is part of a tutorial blog post series on Sliver C2 (v1.5.16). For an overview: click here. Introduction This post demonstrates how to use so-called implants to remote-control a target machine from a Sliver C2 server. It is a follow-up to the previous one on Sliver C2 server installation (01 - Installation). To get familiar with the basics of Sliver, we’ll now add a (Windows) target machine to the setup.