Learning Sliver C2 (03) - Transports in Detail: mTLS and WireGuard

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A post about two of the four Sliver C2 protocols: mutual TLS (mTLS) and WireGuard. I'll show how to use sessions and beacons with these protocols. Using Wireshark, you will also see what kind of traffic could be observed when you deploy such implants. Like in the previous Sliver-related posts, a couple of instructions for additional lab setup are included. I'll add a DNS server to make the traffic look more realistic.
Sliver C2 This post is part of a tutorial blog post series on Sliver C2 (v1.5.16). For an overview: click here. Introduction After discussing Sliver beacon and session implants in general in 02 - Beacons and Sessions, I’ll now have a more detailed look at the four different C2 protocols you can choose from. This post covers the first two of them, which are mutual TLS (mTLS) and WireGuard. Both are strongly recommended in the official Getting Started Guide.